Biorigin is a Brazilian company established in 2003 that applies knowledge and technology to develop innovative solutions in 100% natural ingredients, based on biotechnological processes, for animal health and welfare.

The portfolio includes inactive dry yeast and derivatives, developed by specially selected strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biorigin products are natural sources of beta-glucans, mannano oligosaccharides (MOS), proteins, amino acids, nucleotides and organic minerals.

Yeast and derivatives


The Borregard headquarters is located in Norway where the Borregaard Ligno Tech division is present for lignin-based products used in the livestock sector. This division was created in 1962 and immediately took care of studying the properties of lignin, allowing it to produce patented and technological products such as Soft Acid®, protected acidifying.

Protected liquid acidifiers


With a leadership in the production of aminoacids matured in more than 50 years, Evonik has established itself as a reliable partner for the feed industry, providing high quality aminoacids and high performance while reducing environmental impact.



The indissoluble binomial that link the Laviosa family with the production of bentonites for different types of uses began in 1950. The bentonites produced by Laviosa Chimica Mineraria are extracted from quarries located in various parts of the world. Depending on the type of clay and processing, they are characterized by differences in color, iron content and percentage of mycotoxins binded.



Orffa, a leading company in the livestock sector, is known throughout the livestock feed industry for the quality of the products it markets, the technical support and the wide range of products, both specialties and commodities, which it offers to its customers.Orffa is divided into three product lines: ingredients, specialties and products for veterinary pharmaceutical use.



Essential Oils

Hydroxic oligoelements




Phosphea is on of the largest producers of feed phosphates in Europe thanks to their 6 plants located in Spain, France, Serbia and Tunisia. It is part of Rullier group and it has a capacity of about 770Kt. Production flexibility and quality of the products allow them to be present in more than 100 countries.



Phytobiotics and their partners make up one of the fastest growing companies in animal health globally, offering feed additives and consultative services focused on intestinal health, stress reduction and the increased bioavailability of nutrients for animals. The head office of Phytobiotics is located in Eltville, near Frankfurt, Germany.



Inspired by nature’s greatest upcycler, Protix was founded in 2009 from the idea that insects play a pivotal role in nature: starting with low grade organic waste, Protix is able to quickly recycle it into high quality protein, lipids and micro-nutrients thanks to its patented technologies. What an opportunity to face the world’s challenges of the 21th century!

Protein and oil from insects


Solvay was founded in 1863 by Ernest Solvay whom, after patented an industrial sodium carbonate production system, established the company to fully exploit the technology devised. Since then, Solvay is a world leader in the production of sodium bicarbonate, holding the European record. In Italy it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012: is present, since 1912, with the first historic settlement in the Rosignano Solvay (LI) area, one of the largest chemical plants in the world.

Sodium bicarbonate

Calcium chloride



Styromag, an austrian manufacturer of caustic magnesite, has been on the market for more than 100 years, since in 1909 the first magnesite mine was opened in Oberdorf. This raw material, extracted in the area of ​​Austrian Stira and processed by specific fluidized bed furnaces, gives rise to a powder magnesium oxide destined for different uses, among the one we commercialize which is registered for zootechnical use.

Magnesium oxide


Yara is now the world’s largest supplier of mineral fertilizers and is specializes in products for agriculture, environmental protection and, as an Animal Nutrition division, in the production of urea and monosodium phosphate.


Monosodium phosphate

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